‘Patdowns can only take you so far’—Culpeper Jail to get full-body scanner

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An ‘Intercept’ full-body scanner is on its way from California to the Culpeper County Jail.
Officials say it will greatly curtail the introduction of deadly narcotics into the local jail, a daily problem heightened by pesky prevalence of the deadliest, fentanyl.
“Pat downs can only take you so far,” Culpeper County Sheriff’s Office Fist Lt. Frank Reaves III told the board of supervisors at its meeting Monday in requesting $237,500 for the Tek84 equipment.
Smuggling weapons and fentanyl is leading to more jail overdoses, he said, calling it a pandemic. Protecting civilian staff, jail deputies, visitors and the inmates is paramount, Reaves said, noting the body scanner would help that.
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