Prisons, Jails, and Border Applications
Ultra Small footprint
Person remains stationary during scan
4 Second Scanning Time
No Magnification or Distortion of the Image
Delivered Completely Pre-Assembled
Rugged Uni-Body Construction

Prisons and jails are rapidly adopting body scanners to detect weapons and contraband hidden in body cavities and elsewhere on inmates and visitors. Unlike airport body scanners, these scanners use a low-level of x-rays transmitted through the body.

Intercept is a true breakthrough in this technology. Only 34″ wide, it ships fully assembled and rolls to the final site through standard doorways. Unlike other systems that move the subject horizontally on a platform or conveyor belt, each subject enters the scanner and stands motionless for 4 seconds.

Intercept provides a high-resolution scan of the full body, including the abdomen, in a single image. Other body scanners require two views for full coverage. Intercept complies with the ANSI N43-17 Federal standard for both General-Use (daily screening) and Limited-Use (weekly screening).

Intercept’s compact 34″ x 72″ footprint ideal for challenging installation sites, including locations with low ceilings, tight corners and narrow doorways

No magnification or distortion which leads to better and easier identification of contraband.

Intercept vs. Competition

Intercept Competition
Subject remains stationary during scan Yes No – subject is moved on platform or conveyor belt
Footprint 34″ x 72″ As large as 7’2″ x 9’2”
Installed Weight 720 lbs As much as 2,000 lbs
Installation 1+ person, less than 4 hours 2 people, 2-3 days
Imaging 1 image for full coverage 2 images for full coverage
Scanning Time Intercept-Complete Head to Toe Imaging = 4 seconds As much as 12 Seconds
Anchored to floor No – On casters with retractable adjustable legs Yes

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