A revolution in CCTV security. SentryScope lowers video surveillance costs and provides actionable security information with ultra-high resolution 21 Megapixel images. Read More>>



Partial Body Scanner. CastScope is designed to screen persons with casts and artificial limbs for concealed weapons, explosives and contraband. CastScope also improves the comfort and convenience of security screening for persons with physical disabilities. Read More>>


Car Scan

CarSCAN delivers high throughput screening of cars and vans for explosives, drugs, currency and stowaways at vehicle checkpoints. In December 2009, CarSCAN was acquired by SAIC. Read More>>

Welcome to Tek84

Tek84 Engineering Group LLC is a high tech security innovator, specializing in ultra-low-dose X-ray screening systems. The company's technologies focus on the rapid detection of weapons, drugs, stowaways and explosives, including Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED) and Person-Borne IED (PBIED). Tek84 engineers pioneered the use of ultra-low-dose X-ray technology in 1992 providing revolutionary security solutions to the government, law enforcement and military. Tek84 has also played a crucial role in the protection and safety of the public, post 9/11, through its CastScope screening system, now used in airports across the United States by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The company's solutions address real world problems, delivering advanced screening and detection capabilities with unparalleled operational efficiency.

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